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The Sustainable Printworks is an eco-friendly, fast turnaround, online digital and litho printer based in Canterbury

Our sustainability pledge

Living sustainably is the only way forward

At the Sustainable Printworks we believe in doing things differently. Our goal isn't just to be carbon neutral (which we are). Our goal is to give something back and do our bit to make the planet a better place for everyone.

That's why we don't just use sustainably sourced and recycled papers, we're actually planting more trees. All our energy comes from renewable sources, and we recycle whatever waste we can.

But sustainability isn't just about tackling climate change - although that's vitally important. In 2015, world leaders got together and agreed a number of sustainable development goals - changes we have to make to the way we live as a global community if we're going to ensure our survival as a species.

The goals they decided on included better education, providing clean water and sanitation, and ending poverty.

We realised that if our business is going to be truly sustainable, we need to play our part in achieving those goals, so we've created an exciting partnership. In collaboration with charity and aid organisations, we are working with incredibly talented refugee artists from across the world, and in particular Uganda.

Take a moment to explore our breathtaking collection of contemporary artwork created by current and former refugees. And for every print sold, at least 50% goes directly back to refugees and the aid organisations supporting them.